The original genesis of THATCamp Community College was a series of faculty lectures that were aimed at the student body of our college. Two lectures were done before running into issues that put the series on the backburner. A few months later, I had a conversation with an administrator where THATCamp, in general, came up. They asked if we could do one at the college. After checking to see if anyone was doing anything like what we envisioned, we began the process of putting together the first ever THATCamp Community College.

In March 2014, despite a torrential rainstorm, the first THATCampCC was held. In 2015, on a freezing cold day, THATCamp Community College 2015 took place. We finally got good weather in June of 2016 and then September of 2017 for our most recent unconferences.

What we believe sets us apart from other THATCamp unconferences is our desire to keep discussion as free flowing as possible. While we do formal sessions, often the boundaries between them is quite blurry. An early decision we made was to try and "out THATCamp THATCamp" and we have moved forward by keeping discussion open ended with attempts made in afternoon sessions to incorporate as many undervoted sessions into rapid, smaller, conversations.

THATCampCC will return in May of 2019!