In January, the Board of Trustees awarded me tenure along with four other colleagues. I am looking forward to helping new faculty with this process in the future.

Persepolis Screening

Last year, I hosted a screening of the cinematic adaptation of Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel Persepolis. We had a decent turnout including some of my students, a few faculty members, and some other students and community members. This screening was done to promote my, at the time, brand new international student scholarship. 


Google Drive CLIs

Last year, Gina Yanuzzi and I did two presentations for the Center For Learning and Instruction here at RCBC. Originally, we were only schedule to do one, but it was so well received we did another one in the spring. These CLIs were really fun to do and I hope we get to do more in the future. 

What I Am UpTo Summer 2017

Summer classes begin the Monday after graduation, so my five week composition course is already half done. This summer I am teaching my normal assortment of composition courses plus CIN109 American Cinema and, for the first time, LIT203 Masterpieces of World Literature.

During the summer I do not have official office hours, but I am anxiously awaiting the completion of our new, permanent, offices in Laurel Hall. They will be done in time for the fall semester.

News about the 2017 version of THATCamp Community College will be coming nearer to the fall.

I am now chairing our honors initiative here at RCBC. I am really proud of the work we have done to get the first batch of courses off the ground and look forward to what comes next. I have some plans I would like to set in motion.

Otherwise I am hard at work on archival work and podcasting. I will have some posts up during the summer detailing some of my activities during the school year. Stay tuned.

Stockton Scholarship 2016

One of the best days of the academic year is our annual awards breakfast in the spring. I have been nominating faculty for a few awards over the years, but the past two years I have given a scholarship to an RCBC student who is transferring to Stockton University. This year the scholarship was awarded to Christine Liddie. As I mention in my remarks, I never had Christine as a student but the RCBC community came forward and I got tons of positive feedback about her. I am thrilled to continue doing this scholarship and look forward to next years ceremony.

Charity Book Drive Results

Since the semester ended, I have had time to catch up on cataloging books donated for the book drive I do at RCBC. Since 2012 I have done a book drive at work. The past few years, work on this has slowed a bit as it has become harder to find places to take books. Sadly even schools and libraries are beginning to turn away books. I have moved to doing more focused and targeted donations. 

Since 2012, we have donated 1,254 books to various schools, churches, charities, and universities. I am really proud of the work we have done and the giving power of RCBC.