THATCamp Community College 2017: Accessibility & Design Issues In Distance Learning Courses

Our first session at THATCampCC 2017 was about Accessibility & Design Issues In Distance Learning Courses. The session was moderated by Walter Huttner in combination with some ideas I also proposed for a session.

  • Simplicity is important…keep things on one page…
  • Need to have specific directions…click here first…
  • Could create video tutorials
  • Perhaps a Blackboard shell to discuss various CMS issues for faculty?
  • Colleges need to have a list for students of what they need to ACCESS (skills wise) a distance learning course
  • Which is also an ADA/504 accessibility issue…for example, making sure you have a script for videos
  • Weekly versus modular scheduling
  • Discussion of making sure distance students get the same “first five minutes” info

THATCamp Community College 2017: Using Twine & Other Games In The Classroom

This session was moderated by Jennifer Dellner


In June, our Board of Trustees approved my promotion to Assistant Professor. I'm not sure who I "assist," but I am happy to have that happen.

Finally, I will be a real professor too since I have been told in the past that since I "only" (lol) have an MA, I'm not a "real professor."


In January, the Board of Trustees awarded me tenure along with four other colleagues. I am looking forward to helping new faculty with this process in the future.