Why I Do Not Allow Comments Anymore

Just a note to clarify why comments are closed on my weblog.

A few reasons come to mind. First, as Audrey Watters notes, aggressive and hateful comments are a pain to deal with. I have had some published on previous versions of this weblog, but many I chose not to allow. I have little patience for that nonsense. I have considered turning comments off on Signifying Nothing too because of this (always anonymous too...real "punk" of you to cowardly not use your name).

Second, and more importantly, is the no stop barrage of spam. Any modern CMS should have good filters either built in or available via a plugin, but I cannot be bothered.

Third, I resent how much scripting is involved with comments. I run No Script and always have a real problem trying to get comments to show up if I chose to view them. No thanks.

Finally, this weblog has shifted to being more about statements and/or announcements than discussion. Discussion can be found in email or on Twitter. I just don't think blogs are right for that anymore.

Under Construction

I spent some time tonight moving things around.  I think things look a lot better now. I got a new, nicer looking, Creative Commons license and also added a tag cloud. I seem to have broken my Flickr link however; I will take a look again tomorrow and see if I can fix it.


The past few days I have spent time fixing the categories on this blog.  Some changes you might notice:

  • Categories are now in alphabetical order.

  • I have broken down posts about literature into separate categories for each author.  If someone has more than one, or two let us say, posts about them they will get their own category.  The Literature category will still be used for misc posts.

  • Other categories like Television and New Media have been broken down a bit more and will continue to be broken down as I decide to make more changes.

  • There is now a link to my most recent Netflix DVD’s to the right on the bottom of this blog.

  • Below that there is also a link to the most recent comments this blog has gotten, although it doesn’t seem to be updating right now.

End of semester rush is keeping me from updating this.  I should be back to normal by Wednesday or maybe Thursday at the latest.  Over winter break expect a total overhaul of all links, a new template design potentially and a lot of new features.  There is a lot I want to do with this blog and I hope you will like it.  Until then...


I just moved some things around on the blog. There is a link to my live audio blog now to your right also. Hopefully soon I will have links to a bibliography of everything cited here and my resume.

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Okay I am back. I had some computer problems this week which caused delays in updates. Normal blog updates will return tomorrow afternoon.


Just a quick note to let you know I will be offline until Friday most likely. See you then.