The Decline Of The High Elves

Via I-Anya, I recently found out about a series of Harry Potter fanfics that being published by Random House.  How cool is that?  It is nice to see good fan fiction taken so seriously.  Sadly, The Decline Of The High Elves is only in Spanish, but I hope there will be a English translation soon.  I really like this quote from the author, Francisca Solar, via a BBC article about the publication:

“When I read the fifth book, I was so disappointed - I’m a very critical reader, and I’m a huge fan, so the expectation of this fifth book was great,” Solar said.

“I took the principal characters and I did a story that is more rich than Rowling’s story, because you can have access to the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters.

“In the Harry Potter saga, you can only have access to Harry’s feelings and thoughts. That is a partial view of the Potter universe.”