This Week In Podcasts

I am going to try out a new feature.  Lately, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts.  Each week I will post a “best of” from what I have checked out the previous week, similar to my weekend reading posts.

So, week one:

  • Something I Learned Today just started podcasting.  Their first podcast focused on Boston hardcore.  A second podcast is also online.

  • All Go No Slow! recently did a full set of anti Ronald Reagan songs.  It is quite refreshing, in the age of “conservative punks” and the rightward dive a lot of the hardcore scene seems to be heading towards, to see someone do a great set like this.  Sadly, I bet the current generation of ragers don’t even know about a lot of the fucked up shit that went on in the eighties.  If you asked them what Oi Polloi’s Hands Off Nicaragua was about, they’d probably have no idea.

  • To celebrate Henry Rollins’ birthday (46!), Harmony In My Head did a set filled with a lot of old hardcore songs and other cool stuff.

  • The other day, I caught up on the HIMH broadcast from early August also.  Henry spends the first hour playing and discussing the music of Miles Davis.  An hour of Miles Davis: it doesn’t get much better than that.