Doing The Twit(ter)

You may have noticed that each day, or a few times a day, I have been updating my Twitter page. I have been trying to keep it to once or twice a day so people who visit this blog can see what I am up to that day without the self important, every twenty seconds, updates that the program is prone to I am sure. I love some other people’s updates because they are very interesting people.

O’Reilly Radar also reports that presidential candidate John Edwards is on Twitter. That is pretty cool. The linked blog post also has an interesting discussion of Edwards being on Twitter.

Jill Walker’s posts about Twitter have been very useful. Like Dr. Walker I am enjoying logging my day. Adding a Twitter update to my morning routine has been a useful way to ask myself "just what am I doing today?"

There are a variety of ways to tweet. SMS, the web, and other ways. I have been doing it via my profile. I hate text messaging. There is a Firefox plugin so users can tweet via their browser.

There are some other fun things people are doing with Twitter: Twittermap is a mashup of Twitter and Google Maps. I added myself to it, but I haven’t seen anyone nearby yet. Twittervision gives a live feed of tweets from around the world. Twitterific is a Mac only widget for your desktop. Someone needs to create one of those for Windows. Oh there is one. It doesn’t track your friends tweets though.

I think there is a lot that can be done with Twitter. I like the constraint created by having only 140 characters. A writing project I am working on right now involves short bursts of writing like that.

Perhaps I should release it via Twitter when it is finished?