Quick Fix Magazine: April 2007

I am sorry I missed last month’s column. Graduate school is keeping me really busy…who would’ve thought! My time is broken down into the hour at this point. I have a desktop widget that loads my Sunbird calender so I can keep track of what I need to accomplish each day. I love playing with widgets; I have a bunch on my desktop. Right now this is the best way for me to keep my life in order. Technology has greatly assisted me. I have a very short attention span and can be quite unorganized at times; Sunbird and desktop widgets help counteract it. Maybe sometime soon I’ll write a full column about that.

This month’s column is a bit brief also. I am really busy these days between school, research, paper proposals, and planning for conferences. I think what I might do in the future is just plan a day to belt out the entire column at once. That might be easier for me to do.


Lion Of Judah

Universal Peace

Youngblood Records

I have had mixed feelings about all of Lion Of Judah’s previous records. I enjoyed their performance in a live setting, but on record they just haven’t really been able to move me. A lot of people say LOJ sound like Burn, but I don’t hear it at all. I do hear a variety of influences: Early Fugazi, I Against I era Bad Brains, and honestly I keep thinking of the band Heroin while listening to this. This is pretty good I guess. A few songs drift into “too much rock” for me however. I don’t see myself wanting to listen to this record that much.

Fex Urbis Lex Orbis CD
Alternative Tentacles Records

I know very little about black metal, so I am not sure how to review this. Ludicra are on Alternative Tentacles (?!?) and remind me a lot of Cradle Of Filth, I guess. Like I said, I know very little about this stuff. I read online that a lot of this band’s lyrics are inspired by Les Miserables. That is pretty cool I guess. Check with Chris Alpino before buying.

The Good Book
Demo 2006

This band has apparently already broken up, but this demo fucking rages hard. The Jersey Shore pedigree here is impressive: members have spent time in bands as varied as Ensign, Full Speed Ahead, Human Remains, S.O.V., and Tear It Up. In fact 3/5 of Full Speed Ahead were in this band. The five songs on this CD sound a lot like a median between Tear It Up (where vocalist Dave Ackerman spent time in before this band) and Full Speed Ahead. Fast, right to the point, hardcore in the vein of Bl’ast!, Black Flag and other early eighties classics. Back in the days of Full Speed Ahead a song with a mosh part as hard as the one in No Encore would have had kids from the shore killing each other.

Painkiller Records

When I first got this record a friend sent me a zip file of mp3s so I could listen to it in the car. While walking across campus down at Stockton one day after meeting with a former professor about graduate school stuff I toggled through my player and queued up Mind Eraser, Rupture, Crossed Out, and this new Scapegoat record. I didn’t really think about it; I just got in my truck and bolted back onto the parkway. On my way back into Manahawkin I looked down at my player because I thought the Crossed Out record was going on for a long time. Turned out the Scapegoat record had been playing for the past five minutes. Scapegoat play really authentic, obviously, sounding hardcore in the vein of Crossed Out, Rupture, DropDead, etc. How good is Painkiller Records? They just keep turning out more and more excellent records. Word on the street is a Dry Rot seven inch is next.

Please send stuff for review to the address at the end of this column. I am happy to review vinyl, CD, DVD, or book/fanzine as long as your band or label is not associated with the RIAA. Please send the “final product”-I will not review advanced versions or promotional material with DRM on it. I have little interest in promo sheets and reserve the right to ridicule them.

Check Out

  • There is only a Spanish translation, as far as I know, so far, but if you like Harry Potter you need to check out The Decline Of The High Elves, a series of Harry Potter fanfics that being published by Random House. How cool is that? It is nice to see good fan fiction taken so seriously. I hope there will be a English translation soon.
  • One of the great things about the web right now is the ability to watch streaming episodes on network websites. I have classes at night during the week so I miss most of the shows I watch. This morning, on their respective networks websites, I was able to catch up on the latest episodes of Bones, Friday Night Lights (the BEST show on television), and CSI. Sure, some of them are ad based, but if you miss an episode having to sit through a thirty second ad for car insurance sure beats waiting for a torrent to download or the show to air again.

  • If any of you are in the Maryland area, I will be down that way in early May for the Electronic Literature Organization symposium at the University of Maryland. I will most likely be in town for only a day or two, but if anyone else is going please get in touch.

  • Speaking of electronic literature, next month I should have a big announcement about a hypertext project I am working on. Stay tuned.

Finally, Top 10 For April

  • Miles Davis-On The Corner
  • The Avengers-We Are The One
  • Cleanse The Bacteria Compilation + Bonuses
  • John Coltrane-Ole
  • Sleater Kinney-Call The Doctor
  • Youth Of Today-We’re Not In This Alone
  • The Mahavishnu Orchestra-Birds Of Fire
  • Tragedy-Vengeance + 3
  • Mountain-Climbing!
  • Curtis Mayfield-Superfly Soundtrack

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