Prom Queen Part Three

After watching all eighty episodes of Prom Queen, I have to say I am pretty disappointed.  As I mentioned before, I am very interested in the medium of “webisodes” and episodic constraints.  Prom Queen did an adequate job on those fronts; each episode is paced well and uses the constraint of having a bit over a minute per episode to its advantage.

There is a lot of problems however; the asinine plot was very problematic.  Who needs another popular show glorifying cattiness and superficial desires to win a frivolous award at the end of their high school career!  I wish a little more time was given to the story lines about self mutilation and the girl who is a “non-nude” model.

There is a lot of potential in this medium still.  The popularity of Prom Queen will hopefully lead to more.  Are there any good ones readers would suggest?  Either way, Prom Queen will be back in August for fifteen more episodes.