Weekly Reader

  • Two more from the winter issue of The Quarterly Conversation: reviews of David Weinberger’s Everything Is Miscellaneous and three of Cesar Aira’s novels.
  • Two from the May issue of Postmodern Culture: Jeffrey T. Nealon’s The Swerve Around P: Literary Theory after Interpretation and Kyle A. Wiggins’ Futures of Negation: Jameson’s Archaeologies of the Future and Utopian Science Fiction. No links, I am not linking to closed access journals anymore.
  • Via Grand Text Auto, a New Yorker article about the disgusting “Myspace Hoax” suicide.  As I note in the comment section, as a teenager I was the victim of fake love notes for months one year.  This was before I was online; I cannot even begin to imagine what being a teenager who is fucked with like this in the Internet age.
  • I am also reading Julian Dibbell’s A Rape In Cyberspace, which GTA also linked to.