Destiny Of The Daleks

Destiny Of The Daleks.JPG

I recently viewed the newly released Destiny Of The Daleks DVD.  This serial serves as a sequel to perhaps the finest Doctor Who serial, Genesis Of The Daleks.  The serial begins with Romana freshly regenerating into Romana II, played by the stunning Lalla Ward.  The playful relationship between The Doctor and Romana II gets off to a great start here, including the matching (but pink, ugh) outfit Romana picks out to match The Forth Doctor's trademark outfit. 

Overall the story is pretty sold-The Daleks return to Skaro in an attempt to find their leader Davros.  There is a humorous reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide To Galaxy when The Forth Doctor is seen reading The Origins Of The Universe

The best part of this serial is Romana II and The Forth Doctor playing rock/paper/scissor to try to teach the Movellan a lesson about endless war.  By far, however, the highlight of this DVD is the bonus Prime Computer ads starring Lalla Ward and Tom Baker, which includes this totally adorable one parodying their recent marriage. 

Overall, not the best adventure for The Forth Doctor, however very significant because my favorite companion is introduced.  It is hard to go wrong with Daleks as well, although the Movellans are pretty bland.