Thesis Defense

I am happy to announce that I defended my MA thesis on Monday morning.   Overall, it went well with some lively discussion about my work.  I am happy to be done: the writing process has been difficult and very trying at times.  There are some things about the process, and the constraints of an English program, which I did not forsee.  Graduate school ended up involving a lot of things I did not want it to when I began back in January of 2007. 

It’s become quite clear that I will not be heading towards a PhD, but in some other direction yet to be determined. 

I need to thank again my advisors, Dr. David Tietge and Dr. Liora Brosh for all their help and guidance.  This week I will be doing one last set of revisions and then handing in my work for a final grade.  No matter the outcome or grade I am glad I went through this process, which has given me a number of research paths to undertake in the future. 

Here is a PDF of what I read on Monday.  It is very hard to summarize my ideas in fifteen to twenty minutes, but the general idea is there.