May Running

Since I started running more seriously, and consistently, about two years ago I’ve meant to start blogging about my experience.  I’ll try to do this each month when I am clearing my monthly Google Doc spreadsheet to begin a new one.

In May I made great strides towards lowering my mile time.  I am running 1.5 miles, four or five days a week, depending on some factors, and feel great doing it.  Last summer I moved up to two miles per run, but had slowed down a bit during the winter.  At the beginning of May, I was averaging a bit over eight minutes per mile.  By the time the end of the month, I was down to a little over seven and a half minutes, which included my best mile time ever.

I’ll post an update each month or more often if readers have ideas for posts.  I don’t really follow running culture too much, so I am not that clued into what bloggers typically write about in regards to running.