Links & Kinks In The Chain: Collaboration In The Digital Humanities

One of the best panels I attended was on the role of collaboration in the Digital Humanities. I got to meet up with some friends from Prof Hacker and Twitter like Jason Jones and Bethany Nowviskie, who were both on the panel. I also caught up with other friends who I have known for some time as well.

My notes aren’t really detailed, I suppose, but here is what I wrote down during the panels:

Jason Jones

  • What does collaboration mean?
  • Social media role
  • Twitter is a crowd sourced search engine
  • Institution based models of collaboration are 20th century

Laura Mandell

  • Two point of views about collaboration
  • Hybrid scholar: Interdisciplinary scholar who begins in English, but ends up in computer science
  • Hybrid field: Experts in discipline come together (Example: An English professor and a java scriptor) to work on a project
  • Hybirds don’t have fit in modern university
  • Modern universities prioritizes those in ensconced fields

Bethany Nowviskie “Monopolies of Invention

  • Consider institutional status (staff, adjuncts, etc) “can’t afford to make trouble”
  • Digital Humanities can fix intellectual property problems
  • UVA must tell patent office about new patentable DH