Patriarchal Authority & “Coming Home” In Tragedy

(trying to clear backlog of graduate school writing)

For Dr. Evarts’ seminar on tragedy, I wrote my seminar paper on the role of “coming home” in tragedy and how that affects the power and authority of women. I focused on The Oresteia, The Homecoming, and A Doll’s House, with some references as well to the plays of Dacia Maraini. Critically, my focus is on Kristeva, Prentice, Moi, and, of course, Rubin. Overall, I am not that happy with this paper. We got sidetracked a LOT in this class, so class discussion of some works was unsubstantive. At best. Add a bit of interlibrary loan bad luck, and my best work was not done. I am still pretty proud of the angle I took, especially since it seemed to make some people in the room uncomfortable.