ThatCamp Jersey Shore: Games Games Games-Thinking With Teaching

Sometime during the first afternoon at ThatCamp Jersey Shore I attended a panel which started out about using games in the classroom, but then evolved into a discussion of various games and applications which have aided us as teachers.

  • A very interesting game discussed was the High Tea game based on the British opium trade.
  • offers a lot of information about publishing games.
  • One of the participants commented that they don’t “get” Civil War reenactment, but they get playing games about the Civil War. I completely agree with this.
  • Gaming is very visual in history (I would argue literature too).
  • At some point, I commented about some games ideas I have had in the past involving literary scavenger hunts and perhaps some geolocation.
  • is a historical gaming website.
  • I think literature classrooms could use more games. Imagine Ibsen’s A Doll’s House The Game, with explanations of women’s issues. Nora tries to leave with children and screen comes up explaining why she can’t.
  • We discussed Storify as a document of collections.