NJCEA: Chaucer, Linguistics, & Parentage

Perhaps the most interesting presentation I saw at NJCEA was Glenn Steinberg’s on Chaucer, Linguistics, and Parentage. A lot of very interesting data mining in this presentation.

  • Chaucer doesn’t stylistically deviate from his peers.
  • There were some interesting handouts about The Book of The Dutchess and Daphnaida.
  • Handout compares number of word uses between Spender, Chaucer, Gower, and Lydgate.
  • I would love to see wordles of these. That might make for an interesting student project. Maybe each wiki page needs a wordle.
  • Spenser has more phrases in common with Lydgate than Chaucer, but could be because of evolving language.
  • Spenser’s claim that Chaucer highly influenced him greatly exaggerated.