ThatCamp Philadelphia: Podcasting In The Classroom

I ran a session on podcasting in the classroom at this year's ThatCamp Philadelphia. Because I ran the session, I did not take a ton of notes. Hopefully someone else posts more notes from the session.

  • Audacity is the go to for open source audio.
  • How do you send it back to students?
  • What about accessibility issues?
  • An idea to include a general message to class before each comment.
  • Students seem to be fascinated by how they stand versus other students and classes on average.
  • Could audio comments push comments to sound more positive/productive?
  • Question in room about how much students will “hear” in audio comments.
  • Question about what is a good open source and/or Linux friendly app for audio transcription.
  • We are discussing my oral recitation project.
  • Oral recitation project as an opening for students to begin having professional presence online.
  • Could record discussions/debates/symposiums and have students relisten and then do reflective essay or answer a set of questions.