ThatCamp Philly: New Media, Digital Humanities, and Campus Culture

What was so interesting in this discussion was that there was a lot of legitimate disagreement and I actually found myself kind of angry at the comments of someone else. The normally so cordial ThatCamp took a different, but very interesting, turn for a little bit. I strongly objected to the calls for students to "automate" their citations/coding/etc.
  • Discussion of community on college campuses.
  • How can colleges support the digital humanities outside the classroom/curriculum?
  • I want to work with local LGBTQ college groups to archive local queer history.
  • A lot of what is learned in college is not learned in the classroom.
  • Existing campus new media=local college adaptation of memes.
  • Differing roles of commuter schools and others.
  • A big issue is allowing students to have control over how they engage with resources.
  • Important for students to have a say in how these things are implemented.
  • Discussion of schools giving blogging space to students.
  • Differences between CMS and learning code by hand.