It's Just One Pig Replacing Another

“I didn’t consider myself a nihilist at that time but certainly Black Flag had songs like ‘No Values’, which Greg wrote, that espoused that mind set. But I believed in shooting the cops, I believed in violent revolution. I thought we should just clear the fucking slate and I don’t think that any more. The real villains just make money off the blood of the common person in a violent revolution. It’s just one pig replacing another.”

From “Spray Paint The Walls: The Story of Black Flag

I have been thinking about this quote a lot in regards to the events happening in Egypt right now. It sure fits our own political structure here in the USA. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian...all of them are pigs. Women, workers, students, and veterans just keep getting screwed no matter who runs things. Choosing between these people is about as sincere a choice as picking Pepsi over Coke.