In Praise Of Daniel Suarez

An author I got turned onto by one of my students this year in Daniel Suarez. This summer, I have been listening to his books in the car and I am extremely impressed with them. Suarez writes "techno-thrillers" about modern technology and how it can be used to spy, harm, and kill us. Given the recent developments with the NSA scandal, these books are quite topical fodder. Freedom is a fantastic look at a future ruled by surveillance, online reputation, and a creepy, Google Glass looking interface to view the world. Kill Decision is about drones and what happens when they are given autonomy to kill based on algorithms.

Here are two interviews with Suarez. The first is from Adam Curry's Big Book Show and the longer one is from Leo Laporte's Triangulation netcast. Both are really good and go into great detail about Suarez's novels. I highly recommend them.