Stay On Script! Do You Want Chelsea Clinton To Lose In 2032?

One of the most maddening aspects of liberals' response to Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal was the talk about the Democrats potential loss in the 2014 midterms. The conversation would go something like "stop talking/hyping up X because there is an election coming in Y. Do you want 'us' to lose our majority!" This is the kind of asinine argument that keeps me up at night. It's troubling to me that people are so associated with a party that anyone who goes "off script," so to speak, is considered so dangerous. I am a human being, not a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian. To me, it does not matter what party you are in. What matters is specific issues and how they relate to me and my own personal values. If Democrats are so concerned about losing an election or congressional majority, perhaps they should not bullying people who dissent from their talking points. Perhaps as well, they could run candidates who actually stick to what they claim to believe in, or are not corrupt.

I find it insulting to me as a human being with my own views and soul that I must always conform and be constantly worrying about obeying some party creed because of a forthcoming election. A party whose members constantly rank on me for defying that will never get my vote.