Establishment Media Sneers At Edward Snowden's Education: A Primer In Elitism & Snobbery

As the PRISM leaks scandal broke, I very quickly moved from disgust and outrage at the revelations from Snowden's leaks to a much more focused anger on some of the reactions to him. Particularly, I began to focus on how Snowden's education, or "lack" thereof, was used as a talking point to attack him. Conservative writer David Brooks inferred, as FAIR points out, that Snowden could not be "civil" without a college education. Roger Simon from Politico, who have been horrible during this scandal, also argued that Snowden was only qualified to be a grocery clerk. Simon also called him a "slacker," which I didn't realize in 2013 was still a thing. The talking point smear "high school dropout" was continued, as FAIR documents in the above article, by all major establishment news networks in their mindless reporting.

Why does Snowden's education matter at all? What a bunch of elitist nonsense. Sorry, not everyone goes to college and nor should they! A good friend of mine is a high school dropout and, like Snowden, she ended up in a job where she makes six figures and lives quite an affluent lifestyle. As Kristen Powers points out, if only Snowden had gone to Yale or Harvard like our last few presidents, who have done *such* a fantastic job of taking our rights, torturing, destroying women's agency, spying on us, and now murdering citizens without trial. Sounds to me like they are the real "losers," but you will never hear that from establishment media types.

Sounds like we would be a hell of a lot better off with a high school drop out running things than some War Pig from an Ivy. 

Establishment attacks also went after Snowden's age. Dave Weigel from MSNBC posted a disgusting tweet on July 2nd that Snowden was the best reason yet to "ban millennials."

Coming off the back of a Time Magazine cover bashing millennials in April, I have to wonder what establishment media have against young people? Are they not conforming to your bullshit enough? I love my millennial students and would take their thoughts and feelings long before some smug elitist from an Obama Administration propaganda outlet like MSNBC. They have creative ideas for changing the word and want something better than what the establishment gives them. But hey they are just community college students ha-ha-ha lol, teheehehe. This is probably, rightfully so, why millennials feel less "patriotic" than previous generations too. Why be proud of a country that kicks you in the ribs no matter what you do?