Engaging Learners In The 21st Century: Service Learning In The Classroom-Integrating Community Service Into Existing Curriculum

My colleagues Erica Franklin and Erika Baldt gave an excellent presentation at Engaging Learners In The 21st Century which rounded out our day at the conference. I took some notes that day, but a lot of this comes from Erica's slide set which she graciously sent me.

  • Service learning combines community service with course material and/or interests
  • It develops academic skills and a commitment to working with the community
  • Service should have correlation to course content, outcomes, etc
  • Flexibility
  • Hands on experience
  • Resume building and networking
  • Examples of service learning at BCC include Civility Week, Sleep Out For Homelessness, and efforts after Superstorm Sandy
  • Many benefits for an institution including partnerships, resource sharing, public relations, and strengthening alumni ties
  • Grammar discussion with middle school
    • Build posters with them about grammar errors in a program
  • Teaches graphic design and hireable skills for non teaching English majors