Drusilla, Kendra, & the Role of Agency in Vampire Literature

This morning I spoke at the Buffy to Batgirl conference at Rutgers-Camden. I did not get to give my full paper because of some time constraints, but here is the full version of the paper. I talk about Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Carmilla, and Dracula with a strong focus on Mina Harker, Kendra, and Drusilla.

I need to thank Courtney Stoker who helped me edit this paper when I originally wrote it. This paper was submitted a few years ago to a journal who liked it, but said to make a few changes. One of them was unclear, so I asked for an example. I was told the editor did not have time to read it again and that I should have a colleague look at it. I did not resubmit it to that journal. Courtney helped me a lot with crafting my argument in here and I really appreciate her hard work helping me.