What I Am Up To This Summer

I am hoping for, after a very turbulent spring semester, a pretty quiet summer. I am teaching three sections of distance education composition courses in the first part of the summer. Summer courses are normally pretty straight forward, although I did have a rather horrific plagiarism case last year.

I will be attending three unconferences this summer. June 18th is ThatCamp Digital Pedagogy at the Carnegie Library in Atlantic City. A few days later is the PhillyDH event at the University of Pennsylvania. Finally, I will return to Stockton for the NJEA's Techstock unconference.

At some point in the summer, the team behind ThatCamp Community College will meet to plan next year's unconference. I will have some posts about this year's unconference soon.

I am writing a bit this summer. I have a book review and journal article currently under consideration. More details on that as they emerge.