Recently, Little Professor blogged about attendance policies in the classroom. Her post got me thinking about my own experiences with attendance issues in the classroom. I think attendance is an important parting of the learning experience. How many absences a student may use should be up to an individual professor’s discretion based on how many they feel would not take away from a student’s learning experience. If this is one or five, that number is up to the professor. That said, no matter what the number is, as a student it is your job to suck it up and deal with whatever their policies are. Anyone who cannot deal with a stricter (let us argue two absences for an eleven-week semester is “strict,” and say, five or six is much more lenient) attendance policy shouldn’t take the course. I have never met a professor, especially here at Stockton, who is not willing to help and work with a student to deal with their issues and needs. I also have to agree with Little Professor’s sentiment that students who do come to class should not receive extra credit just for showing up when they are supposed to