Not So Conmplicated...

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Britney Spears gets scolding from Avril Lavigne

By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 2:30 p.m. ET May 12, 2004
Avril Lavigne has a message for Britney Spears: put some clothes on!

The “Complicated” singer says Spears “dresses like a showgirl” and dances “like a ho.”

Lavigne who has been dubbed the Anti-Britney because their styles are so different, made the attack on her more-popular rival shortly before she performed on BBC Radio. ’I mean, the way Britney dresses, would you walk round the street in a f------ bra?” Lavigne said. “You won’t see me on stage in a sexy outfit or my hair in ribbons. If that’s what someone wants to do then so be it, but I wouldn’t be seen dead looking like that.”

Spokeswomen for Spears and Lavigne wouldn’t comment on the remarks.

I can see teenagers squaring off now! It can be like West Side Story, "preps" dressed like Britney on one side, and "whatever the fuck you call people who like Avril and crap like that which attempts to act like it is anything but bland pop music, other can tasteless" on the other side. They could duel it out in front of Hot Topic!

And who the fuck is she to tell Britney to put on clothes anyway? What is she, the Taliban? Breaking news Avril-this isn't the 1920's anymore. and what the fuck is Lavigne who has been dubbed the Anti-Britney because their styles are so different this shit? Crappy pop music is crappy pop music no matter "rebellious" you package it as being.