These Are The Voyages...

Never before has a Star Trek finale personally offended me, but the finale of Enterprise, which aired last week, was one of the worst hours of television I have ever witnessed. I have not really paid that much attention to Enterprise in the past few years, the craptacular first few years really turned me off, but it was incredibly insulting to have the finale of the show be essentially an amendment to a god-awful season seven Next Generation episode. Plus, it stars Troi and Riker, my two least favorite characters on Trek ever.

So, as I stated above, this episode takes place during TNG episode The Pegasus. Why? That is another awful season seven episode when the show was spiralling down the tubes of suck.

They could not even get the sets right for the Enterprise-D scenes either. As some smart fans noted on tvtome, the turbo lift used for the Enterprise-D is actually the one from the Enterprise-E. The scenes from Ten-Forward were mostly stock footage from the season three The Price…which is from four years before this episode!

I will not even go into the semi-emotional Vulcan and how pointless it was to SPOILER ALERT and such. If this is the end of Trek for a while, I say good riddance! Maybe I should check out another Trek alum’s new show.