Veronica Mars

My favorite new TV show this year, by far, has been Veronica Mars. I didn’t quite catch on to this show until sometime in February when I downloaded the entire season up to that point from a torrent. From the pilot episode on I was completely hooked and absolutely immersed myself in the show over the next week or so frantically trying to catch up to the current episodes. 

There is a lot of cool stuff going on with this show. Firstly, in many ways Veronica Mars is a piece of Film Noir. Much as BTVS took the stereotypical blonde-haired woman who is killed in an alley in horror films and turned her into a kick ass empowered fighting machine; Veronica Mars reinvents Noir by reversing genders by making the main protagonist female and the “woman of questionable virtue” a male. I am also very curious to see some research into how VM relates to detective fiction in general and especially the works of Jorge Luis Borges

There is more to say, but I have an entire summer to do that.