ThatCamp Digital Pedagogy: Quelling Digital Panic In The College Classroom

The first session I attended at ThatCamp Digital Pedagogy was about quelling digital panic in the college classroom. Here are my notes:

  • Almost every student has a smart phone.
  • How do we engage student in classroom with so many distractions?
  • Shared Google Docs are a possible solution, but I have had mixed results with them.
  • How do we get students to buy into doing shared notes?
  • What is role of learning disabilities in this panic?
  • Google Doc for digital behaviour norms in classroom on first day of class? Cool idea!
  • Texting/social media break midway through class?
  • How do we teach digital citizenship?
  • Have students research terms of service/privacy of social networks.
  • I could do an entire semester of ENG101 on this...
  • Shared class Tumblr.