Yvonne Navarro, author of some of the BTVS books out there right now, has a rather pissy rant up on her website about some of the really negative reviews she has received on Amazon. In said rant she scolds fans for attacking spelling errors in her books and various plot issues. Ms. Navarro goes on to rant more about "the industry" and a lot of obvious stuff about the corporate machine trying to spit her books out faster than she can edit them. That is great and all, but then she goes on to scold the fans for these things.

Why blame the fans? Why not blame those at the top who decided to mess with the plots of her BTVS books (some of which, apparently go pretty far out of canon) and sacrifice editing time for spitting out a crappy book. Why not blame those who make her push out a book so quickly? By pushing the blame towards her readers Ms. Navarro, whose work in the Tales Of The Slayer book I did enjoy, is really only taking part in the bullshit she says she doesn't like.