Weekly Reader

  • Also, from The Quarterly Conversation, Grant Bailie’s new novel looks interesting, Bolano receives a lukewarm review for Nazi Literature In The Americas, and Daniel Green covers Donald Barthelme, an author I have wanted to check out for a number of years.


On Twitter….

  • WordPress 2.6 came out this week. Everyone should upgrade their blogs as soon as possible. The best way I have found is to install this plugin, which takes care of the upgrade rather seamlessly.

  • Dr. Kinsella has finished uploading his student’s readings of Paradise Lost from this past semester. I am going to give these a listen soon.

  • I am really impressed with the new version of last.fm that was opened up for the public a few days ago. Add me on there. The “neighbors” stream is quite impressive; it gave me artists as varied as Devo, Eric Dolphy, Negative Approach, and The Birthday Party the other night.