What I Am Up To This Semester

I am hoping for a fairly quiet spring semester. Last spring was quite hectic because I am travelling between campuses two days a week and that, combined with lots of bad weather, really strained my patience and stamina as time went on.

  • I should have news on this year's edition of ThatCamp Community College very soon. We are looking at a date in March. Stay tuned.
  • This semester I am teaching my normal compliment of composition courses plus Women's Literature, which I taught last year as well, and American Cinema, which is not a new course but I have never taught it before.
  • My Office hours for the spring semester:
    • Monday 1130-1230 Laurel Hall
    • Tuesday 1000-1100 Parker 413B
    • Wednesday 0830-0930 Laurel Hall
    • Thursday 1000-1100 Parker 413B
    • Friday 0830-0930 Laurel Hall
  • On campus I will continue to work on the honours program committee. We are hoping to have honours classes running for fall 2015. I am also chairing the International Studies assessments this semester.
  • I will be down at Stockton for the Literature program party. I am hoping to meet up with many of our alums from BCC during the day.