Notes On Hypertext

I. Hypertext takes on four forms:

  • A. Reader Choice, Intervention, and Empowerment
  • B. Inclusion of extra linguistic segments (images, music, sound)
  • C. Complexity of network structure
  • D. Degree of variation and layer in literary elements (plot, setting, etc)
  • E. There are three types of hypertext-fictional, informational, and educationa
  • Hypertext challenges narrative and all literary form based on linearity
  • Hypertext fiction’s plot, setting, etc are subject to change
  • Hypertext is a threat to literature and its institutions; they are known, hypertext is the unknown
  • Hypertext is non or multi linear
  • Hypertext opens major questions about a story and plot by doing away with linear organization
  • There is no official “version” of a story; each reader implements their own version as they proceed through the text
  • Hypertexts can continue infinitely and indefinitely
  • Hypertexts always have an end, but there is not always closure