What I Am Up To This Semester

This is a period of great change at Rowan College At Burlington County (ICYMI). I am teaching my normal compliment of composition courses plus the American Cinema course I taught in the spring. I will be doing another film screening to promote Graphic Narratives, which should be returning in the spring. Shortly after this post goes up, I will be adding links to all of my syllabi for the semester. 

A few firsts: I am, for the first time, a program coordinator. This year I will be coordinating Entertainment Technology. I am quickly learning about the faculty and their needs and concerns. Hopefully we will be having a coffee session soon to meet up. I am also on a hiring committee for the first time. 

I will be attending THATCamp Philadelphia in October as usual. News about the 2016 edition of THATCamp Community College will be forthcoming shortly as well. I can confirm the unconference will be moving from the spring to the summer for 2016.