What I Am Up To This Semester

I had a rather busy winter break. I tried to squeeze in a bunch of doctor's appointments, visits to family, and other stuff. I also got new glasses.

This semester I am teaching only one section of Composition I, but three of Composition II. I requested this: I wanted to see what it was like to have such a strong variance, which is normally in the opposite direction. I am also teaching American Cinema again.

My office hours for this semester:
Monday 1130-1230 (Laurel Hall Work Rooms)
Tuesday 1000-1100 (Parker 413B)
Wednesday 1130-1230 (Laurel Hall Work Rooms)
Thursday 1000-1100 (Parker 413B)
Friday 1300-1400 (Laurel Hall Work Rooms)

I will, of course, be traveling down to Stockton University in April for the annual Literature Program party. Around the same time, I will be giving another scholarship award to an RCBC student that is transferring to Stockton at our annual academic awards ceremony.

I will have more information about THATCamp Community College 2016 at the semester goes on. Registration should open very soon.