What I Am Up To In Fall 2016

  • I took most of August off from the internet. Nothing in particular prompted this, but I needed a break. Regular posting and correspondence should resume starting today.
  • This semester I am teaching my normal assortment of composition courses, but new this semester will be our first ever honors section of ENG102. I am really excited about this after having been on a community to create it for the past few years. I will post a syllabus in a few days.
  • I am also teaching American Cinema again and, for the first time in a few years, Masterpieces of World Literature II.
  • My office hours for the fall are...
    • Monday/Wednesday 1230-1330
    • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 1100-1200
  • News about the 2017 edition of THATCamp Community College will be coming soon. 
  • I will be attending THATCamp Philly next month at UPenn.
  • I will also be presenting a paper at Rowan University a week later. My paper is entitled “Peasants and Barbarians: How Valkyria Chronicles Uses The Tropes Of War To Reexamine The Past And Present.”