What I Am Up To Spring 2017

  • After a productive winter break, I am glad to be back teaching.
  • This semester I am teaching my normal assortment of composition courses, but also teaching our honors section of composition II again. I posted syllabi for it a few days ago. I am also teaching American Cinema again as well.
  • My spring office hours are all 1000-1100 on Tuesday-Friday
  • News about the 2017 version of THATCamp Community College will be coming soon. We soft launched a date, but it needs to be changed because RCBC is now closed on Friday during the summer. More information will be announced once the committee meets during the spring.
  • I sent proposals in for two upcoming conferences, but have not heard back about them yet.
  • Our honors college committee will meet a few times during the semester. More information about that will be coming soon hopefully.