Tri-State Best Practices: Professional Passions & Projects

I ended my day at a panel on bring personal passions to the classroom.

Mike Walsh from County College of Morris spoke about the paperless classroom.

  • Paperless classroom
  • Books used to be used until they were beat up
  • Powerpoint, internet, etc have led to obsolescence of books
  • Walsh can get five years out of books in his field
  • Textbooks filter out unnecessary stuff
  • College bookstores are no long subsidized by schools (profit and bottom-line)
  • Book writing is not financially viable for authors
  • Supplemental DVD/LMS/etc add to price for students
  • Has semester on a flash drive

Harold Kahn from Bergen spoke next about bringing your “cause” into the classroom

  • Kahn uses articles about dog rescues to teach reading comprehension
  • A cause can lead to a correlation to service learning projects