Tri-State Best Practies: Teaching With Technology

While at the Tri-State Best Practices conference last month, the most interesting panel I attended was the one on teaching with technology. I had spoken earlier in the day about wikis, so I was interested in seeing what others would do.

Rich Lauria spoke on wikifying your classroom

  • More than a blog, less than a CMS
  • Can do things Blackboard cannot
  • Wikis organize your work
  • A lot of attendees interested in paperless syllabus because students lose them
  • I am interested in getting them info immediately
  • In other words, if it is Saturday and we don’t meet until Wednesday they need and deserve access even if they lost it.
  • Rich uses PBWORKS too
  • Some debate about whether wikis should be viewable by all or only logged in students
  • Every semester I have a number of students who show my eng101 wiki to their friends to help them with their work

Maria Schrita from Hudson CCC up next on using Youtube in classroom

  • Students can view Youtube at home or their convenience
  • Using short youtube videos to intro debateable issues

Jessica Fargnoli from Bergen speaking on using audio/video captures in the classroom.

  • This is something I would like to do more of in the future.
  • 84% of internet users download or watch video
  • Echo 360 is a popular software
  • A lot of people in the room curious about why you would publish student work publicly versus privately