Last summer, I was thrilled to be asked to return to Stockton for the #RThink (Rethinking Thoughts) conference. The afternoon was spent among old friends and some very interesting and eager students. The Literature program at Stockton is in great hands.

Here are my notes from the day: 

  • Twitter hashtag=#rthink
  • Creating a New Media certificate
  • Students would create a portfolio that could be shown to employers/schools/etc
  • New Media assignments should be memorable
  • Allowing students to make up their project (see Kinsella senior seminar in the spring) gives students agency over their work and which projects they worked on)
  • I allow my students to have a say over their paper topics. We brew them in class during discussions. This gives them ownership over their writing.
  • I also mentioned the “Peer Review Speed Dating” that I do
  • Giving students options for New Media assignments is important
  • Could do a podcast or book signing or calendar or newsletter
  • There was some discussion of the good ole pop-up projects
  • I have thought about using those in my classes.
  • What is the role of service learning in all of this?

  • Something Tom said gave me a great idea for an assignment for my Composition II classes
  • About half way through short story period (which is first 6-7 weeks) have students pick a YouTube song that relates to a story we have read.
    • Write a 500 word essay about the song and story.
    • For example, if we read The Yellow Wallpaper, I would pick Systematic Death by Crass
    • Live experience of tweeting shared reading of a chapter/scene/etc
    • I think this would work best in an online class
    • Create an “exhibition” of it via Storify
    • An idea I loved was putting together an epub of the best work of a class
    • Students could be involved in the curation and editing process
    • General consensus in the room of “what good is one more essay?”