Engaging Learners In The 21st Century: Useful Apps For Higher Education

Alexandra Salas ran the session on Useful Apps For Higher Education. Here are some of the apps she went over during the session. For some of these apps, my notes focus on the extremely frustrating limitations of them. 

  • Flowboard has memory issues and does not export, which annoyingly means it has to live in the cloud. I seemed to puzzle some attendees with my concerns about this, which terrified me.
  •  Prezi doesn't support audio? I am so glad I never bought into it.
  • Socrative is polling software for phones, tablet, web that could be useful.
  • I agree that an important part of Google Drive is permissions and how you implement them in grading or collaborative projects.
  • Doodle is a scheduling app. I think it over complicates things. I send a Google Doc with times to sign up to advisees/classes.