ThatCamp Philadelphia 2014: Turning Analog Class Assignments Into Digital

This session was proposed and moderated by Michelle Moravec. Some of these notes were taken from the shared Google Doc for the session

  • Curricular transformation question as opposed to a pedagogical question

  • How are you differentiating between a project and an assignment?

  • How do you align course outcomes with digital assignments?

  • Misconceptions: DH projects are “fun” as opposed to work

  • Class assignment ideas:

    • Lauren Fonseca's students use Wikispaces to create end of term work

    • Group work rubrics are established and they are graded based on their goals.

    • Wikipedia: What would you add to this page to make it more credible?

      • Immediate rebuttal if you post something inappropriate

      • Wikipedia is very useful for background information and the genesis of secondary research

      • Student familiarity is also important

    • If you are going to try to have your students use a program, make sure you as the instructor know how to use it or support it.

  • Faculty should always begin small. Big myth that digital is easy.

  • Some potential platforms...

  • Scaffolding projects

  • Create accessible moments within each project.