ThatCamp Philadelphia 2014: How Can The Digital Humanities Inform The Work Of Scholarly Communication?

Janine Utell had proposed this session, but she was unable to attend so I served as moderator in her place.

  • DHNow

  • Faculty need to publish in peer reviewed journals for tenure

    • This is weird to say because it implies that open access journals are not peer reviewed. This is propaganda coming from somewhere and I am troubled every time I hear it.

  • Copyright hurdles on campus
  • Do you have a data management plan?

  • Differences between teaching schools and research schools

  • Haystack is helpful source for DH stuff

  • Funding opportunities can be opened up via the digital humanities and open access

  • The R1/University experience generally feels like a different universe from the one I live in that I want nothing to do with.

    • The idea of paying $1,000 to make an article open access is one of the most offensive ideas I have ever encountered.

    • What about class issues and working with various populations if there is a need for cash to access information?

    • That is elitist universities and publishers declaring war on the lower classes access to information.