ThatCamp Community College: The Key Technological Needs Of Community College Students

I will have a larger overview post up later when I have more time, but here are my notes from the first session at our first ThatCamp here at BCC:

  • How does texting in classroom change pedagogy?
  • How much of technological consumption is passive versus active? How does that change how students engage?
  • Should there be questions about the infallibility of the databases we expect our students to use?
  • Students need to know how to make a basic MLA paper template.
  • They also need to know how to backup their work. Where is that taught?
  • Should the MLA template be submitted and assessed? (This is a great idea)
  • What about accessibility issues?
  • Students need to know what a URL is!
  • There needs to be a logic to file naming for both professor and student.