THATCamp Philadelphia 2016: The Future Of THATCamp

A very interesting session I attended was on the future of THATCamp.

  • What is the purpose of a central place for THATCamp?
  • What is the future of the THATCamp branding?
  • THATCamp is a great place to meet people, but can be cliquey.
  • Lots of discussion about PhillyDH and what we get out of THATCamp.
  • What I love about THATCamp is how impressive everyone many people I can learn from. Makes me a better professor.
  • Discussions of workshops/small group work.
  • A THATCamp 101 session is a good idea. We may do it at RCBC.
  • Should there be a list of community member skills?
  • So much of THATCamp work is out of work time, which makes it harder.
  • Many of us have jobs where we do DH, but it is not in job description.
  • Virtual meetings are good ideas.
  • Discussion of means to fund a THATCamp.
  • Should there be a fee for THATCamp?